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Best Places to Visit in Alaska


Superlative Alaska, with its take-away sceneries and untouched landscape, is a dream place for nature lovers and hardy or daredevils. From glorious glaciers to the dynamic, integral part of the earth’s landscape, which is the unfailing force of nature, it helps to recreate the most beautiful places that fit every type of traveler.

Whether you miss the first trip to the lands or have been an experienced traveler, Alaska’s fascination knows no bounds. The important large wilderness areas of the state provide the perfect setting for different outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching. Of course, all of that keeps Alaska one of the favorite places of culture, interested in being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life’s busy schedule.

In this post, we will paint a picture of the must-see places in Alaska, bringing the charm to the beauty there. Thus, ensure you carry the essentials as you embark on Alaska’s most amazing life journey.


Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, is also home to both urban comforts and an outdoorsy way of life. Visitors to Anchorage can choose to see a wide array of new sights that taste the city’s rich heritage and its stunning surroundings.

Anchorage Museum

Anchorage Museum is a melting pot of cultures where we embrace arts and bring history to life. The museum has a multifaceted origins and history of Alaskan people, art in the form of contemporary outlook and science. Visitors will be able to view collections of artifacts from the traditional indigenous culture, a collection of contemporary Alaska art, and a multiple-media setup that brings history to light. The museum organizes fun events, workshops, and lectures that witness details concerning Alaska’s earlier and contemporary culture.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

The famous Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is arguably the best among outdoor lovers’ public and private destinations where you can enjoy nature and have fun in the same breath. Boasting a stunning scene, this scenic trail is an 11-mile-long coastal path where biking, walking, and wildlife viewing generate a perfect setting. For visitors, the wilderness is more than just an observation area. They can become a part of it by seeing live wildlife, namely moose and bald eagles. The trail’s location, which is well connected via an easy access road, coupled with the incredible beauty of the surroundings, makes it a tick on the bucket list of all the people hunting for a peaceful outdoor experience in Anchorage.

Denali National Park and Preserve

Best Places to Visit in Alaska

Denali National Park, a preserve in Alaska and land for lovers of nature, gives visitors an unquenchable thirst for rare experiences with its alluring natural colors, scenes, and sounds. Let’s dive into two captivating aspects of Denali: Let’s dive into two captivating aspects of Denali:

Wildlife Viewing

In Denali, you may see many wildlife, for example, grizzly bears, caribou, and wolves, having a range of their natural habitat. This fantastic place for wildlife photography is Polychrome Overlook, where you can peek at animals in their actual habitat. The feeling of seeing the animals right at the front backdrop of Denali’s incredible scenery is staggering.

Hiking Trails

People who go on hiking trips can be presented with the best choice from various trails ranging from easy to hard in classification. The amazing Alpine Route has a rather severe moderate level, allowing you to admire marvelous saw-like mountain sceneries and valleys. Discover the less hurried Horseshoe Lake path for a steady walk decked with beaver spots along the way. With Denali, there is a wide variety of trails for all preferences, starting from a thrilling trek to a leisurely trail walk.

Best Places to Visit in Alaska


Juneau, Alaska’s capital, has splendid scenery and boasts of outdoor adventures aplenty. Massive Mendenhall Glacier is undoubtedly one of James’ worth visiting.

Mendenhall Glacier

Upon arrival at the Mendenhall Glacier, people can learn about the glacier and its relevance to the development of today’s area by visiting the visitor center, which is full of helpful information. At the center, some exhibits allow people to learn about the glaciers’ natural history and their environmental importance.

The place is just like heaven for those who love outdoor activities because it has a variety of hiking trails, and you can choose the difficulty level according to your skill. Do you dare to put your adventurous side forward by finally exploring sublime landscapes, shiny glaciers, and indigenous fauna around you?

Along with this, observation tours also facilitate the aimed examination of the glacier as there are guided tours for visitors who like, without any interruptions, exploring a natural monument. With the required expertise, the best places to visit in Alaska are ready to give many interesting facts concerning the glacier’s origin, living creatures, and physical attributes; this gives people another perspective of what is usually considered a natural phenomenon.

Mount Roberts Tramway

Best Places to Visit in Alaska

In line with you having Juneau’s vast beauty from a different angle, why not take the cable car, also known as the Mount Roberts Tramway? Here is a 35-kilometer cable car that goes up and down and gives you a view of the city resembling that of a bird, the surrounding mountains, and the shining waves of the Gastineau Channel.

When getting up to the mountain top, visitors will be rewarded with magnificent views presenting as distant a vision as the eye can see. Besides hiking, outdoor enthusiasts will find a piece of paradise in the urban wild, which offers trails fitting to the level of your physical capabilities. Choose the easiest route on the trail and have a free camera ready for wildlife because Mount Roberts’ unique ecosystem provides many animals.

Whether this will be an exploration trip to the wonders of Mendenhall Glacier OR an aerial excursion to the peak of Mount Roberts Tramway, undoubtedly, Juneau offers an Alaskan experience of a lifetime in the form of beautiful nature and thrilling adventures.


Fairbanks, one of the gems located among the beauty of Alaska, has much to offer to people who want to see Mother Nature’s best scenery and have a peaceful vacation. Here are some must-do activities when visiting Fairbanks: Here are some must-do activities when visiting Fairbanks:

Aurora Viewing

Amongst those many good moments that came with my stay in Fairbanks, the magnificent aurora borealis phenomenon was the most enjoyable magic. To increase your chances of catching this dazzling display of colors in the night sky, consider the following tips: To increase your chances of catching this dazzling display of colors in the night sky, consider the following tips:

  • Optimal Viewing Locations: Alternatively, depart to locations remote from city lights, such as Murphy Dome or Cleary Summit, if you desire to gaze at the aurora with less obscuration.
  • Best Months for Aurora Displays: In Fairbanks, the period from the latter part of August to the first part of April is the most prolific for catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights, and the maximum number is apt to fall during the winter months.

Realize the spectacularness of Fairbank’s light show in an open mode by coinciding your trip with the best season.

Chena Hot Springs Resort

Do not miss a solitary relaxation and Northern Lights watching visiting the Chena Hot Springs Resort, a perfect destination for creative lovers of beauty and harmony. This township is no less attractive during winter because of a wildlife viewing experience coupled with auroras seen at night.

Sink deep into the steaming hot springs in the bracing frosty air and delight in the splendid auroras luring your eye to the Nirvana skies. Combining these phenomena will surely make your visit to Fairbanks a lifetime experience.

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Best Places to Visit in Alaska

Glaciers Bay National Park and Preserve in northwest Alaska is an amazing place with many natural charms. The best way to live the moment of nature and wildlife of the park is through the various activities that bring you in touch with the region’s pristine environment.

Glacier Cruises

Get lost in the nearby fjords of Glacier Bay National Park and see the entrance of glaciation into the ocean. These cruises are about making you a VIP guest to nature’s spectacular stage unfolding. You can look awestruck at the fantastic icebergs moving from the ocean to the sea. Watch for the spectacular acrobatic humpback whales breaching the waters, unleashing an amazing dance, and massive seabird colonies hovering above. Just the mere presence of these waterfalls leaves me breathless, and I am seemingly drawn to a point where a fleeting moment becomes life-changing.

Kayaking Adventures

For adventurists and personal explorers, consider your perfect kayak tour along the blue ocean. Slide along the calm fjords with the lofty cliff-scape and the unspoiled glaciers above. You get to see the pocket of coastline that has been molded by nature. Scoop past drifting icebergs and stare at a variety of wildlife. You may see sitting seals on top of an ice pack or sea otters enjoying and playing in the surface waters. The kayaking in Glacier Bay gives you a direct connection to nature. Best Places to Visit in Alaska gives you a rare chance to understand the purity and excellence in this amazing wilderness.

People in canoes on a lake with mountains in the background

Photo by Line Knipst


Alaska awards enviable panoramas and incredible impressions. This is why it is one of the world’s most well-known and booming tourist destinations today. The stunning Kenai Firs will amaze travelers heading to their next destination in Denali National Park. Each place allows you to glance at the untamed and unspoiled beauty in the Last Frontier. You can be on your adventure in the wild, nature, animal meetings, and cultural experiences.

Unlike other entities, discovering the best places to visit in Alaska involves actively participating in the nature with which this land is endowed rather than just sightseeing. Each time you pack, think about changing weather conditions so that you pack for them as well. Make your plans in advance and open your mind to the spirit of adventure that Alaska is. Make a clear plan with a positive attitude and a warm heart. This will give you an unforgettable travel experience, creating lasting memories for years to come. So, we might as well get ready now. Experience what you have never before. Start this journey to the wilderness of Alaska.

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