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Best Places to Visit in Europe in March

Europe is probably the most magical place in March, when the whole continent begins to thaw and Spring spots appear. If you are considering a European vacation but want to do so when the annoying tourist crowds are thinnest, March can be an excellent month. The reduced crowds let you stroll into the most visited sites without being constantly pushed by waves of tourists, thus creating a more individualized atmosphere for you.

One of the main reasons for traveling to Europe in March is the nice weather that begins to set in in most countries. Whether the blooming flowers in Italy inspire you or the crisp air in Scandinavia relaxes you, that pleasant weather you are looking for can be experienced without the extreme heat or cold that comes with the extreme seasons.

Moreover, March throughout Europe is full of various seasonal events that demonstrate the complex cultural fabric of that continent. From the vibrant carnival of Spain to the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations of Ireland and the early cherry blossom in the Netherlands, there’s a place for you no matter what you seek – whether that be the chance to experience local customs.

In addition, March is the correct month for visiting Europe without the summer crowds and blazing weather, creating a perfect atmosphere for discovering this diverse continent’s beauty, culture, and spirit. Come with me on an adventure through some of the best places to go in Europe in March and find out what wonder awaits you beyond the hustle and bustle of the beaten path.


Visiting Europe in March is a great time to enjoy the trip of a lifetime, as it has certain benefits that distinguish it from the popular tourist seasons.


best places to visit in europe in march
Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria

In March, most of the European states begin to have the beginning of spring instead of winter. As a result, this is the perfect time for people who love traveling because the weather is generally moderate, which is excellent for this type of activity. Tropical islands like the Canary Islands and the Southern European countries have started to welcome warm temperatures; thus, it is perfect for mild outings without having to experience freezing winters. Cities like Lisbon or Barcelona are great choices to visit due to their comfortable temperatures for sightseeing and flowering trees that create a beautiful and colorful background to your journey.


The possibility of visiting Europe in March is a great advantage, mainly because of the reduced crowdedness of the popular destinations in summer. The old town and capital cities are more tranquil and peaceful, allowing tourists to visit their favorite attractions and landmarks comfortably. Winter markets have already closed; hence, tourists will appreciate the peace of the local environment they did not get during the peak season. The presence of this low season not only offers you a more relaxed and authentic encounter in the most famous European cities but also makes it affordable.

March is the perfect time to take a European tour. It is much less crowded and has lovely weather, plus the fairy-tale feeling produced by transitioning seasons.


Considering that Europe offers a score of destinations in March, you will find they are diverse. From lesser-known Eastern European treasures to the famed Western European wonders and the sun-kissed island affairs, Europe has a broad appeal to different travelers’ fantasies. Look at the leading European destinations in March, known for their magic.


best places to visit in europe in march
Sava River, Belgrade

In Eastern Europe, March is a great time to visit because of the milder temperatures compared to the summer, while the places are accessible from the rush of holidaymakers. Countries like the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland will give you a complete cultural experience and picturesque historical towns. In Prague (Czech Republic), you can stroll through the historic Old Town Square and admire the Astronomical Clock’s overwhelming beauty. Budapest, Hungary, prides itself in its thermal baths and the architectural beauty the Danube River can offer. Krakow is an example of medieval charm, and Auschwitz is a landmark of historical importance. Thus, a trip to Poland is more meaningful. Remember to layer up for the changing weather and attend local festivals and things while you’re there.


March in Western Europe can be so enticing, with its beautiful historic cities, exciting spring festivals, and invigorating local cuisines. Cities like Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona boast beautiful monuments, art galleries, and thriving markets. Take a romantic walk down the streets of Paris, surf through the canals of Amsterdam, or bask in the sunshine of Barcelona by the sea. Spring is the best time to go since the winter cold is gone, and the cities turn vibrant with green grass and flowers. (Natural setting: Mention how the best time to visit towns is due to the fading of winter chill and colorful spring.) The local markets await you to sample the tempting fare and see how they breathe life into these fantastic cities!


best places to visit in europe in march
Teresitas beach on Canary islands, Spain

Expect hot March weather and peaceful beaches on the sunny Spanish Canary Islands. The Canary Islands, located on the coast of North West Africa, provide a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. You can do anything, from walking onto the volcano heights to lying on the pure beaches; the spectrum is vast. Explore the vibrant underwater world through snorkeling or savor local dishes at seaside restaurants. March is ideal for island visits, with temperatures around 22°C, leaving winter blues behind.

Explore East Europe in March for a mix of culture, unique sceneries, and warm hospitality.


March in Europe is quite diverse and also brings forth special events and festivals in which you can experience the colorful cultural diversity of the continent. From indigenous folk to the modern festivities, discover something for everyone. Today, we move on to the remarkable characteristics of March in Europe again.


Europe comes alive in springtime as it enfolds the temperatures thawed and hosts various festivals and cultural celebrations. East Europe, Poland, and Hungary host traditional events like the Krakow International Film Festival and the Budapest Dance Festival. These events allow them to present their art and entertainment to a broader audience. On the other hand, Dublin, Ireland, hosts the St. Patrick’s Day parade; the streets transform into colorful parades of music, dance, and the predominant green.

However, as winter draws to an end in Prague and Vienna, the atmosphere of the cities is filled with color as spring sets in, and streets are lined with busy Easter markets where selling handicrafts and delicious treats is the motif that thrives the festival. The markets buzz with tourists trying local food and immersing in the culture. The same applies to the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands, as the carnival can beat you up with its colorful costumes, exciting parades, and contagious ambiance, and at the end of the day, represents yet another must-do activity in March.


best places to visit in europe in march
Iceland northern lights

In March, if you are looking for a sight different from the pattern, Northern Europe attracts with its Northern Lights, a mysterious beauty. Places like Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are often touted as premium locations to view this natural occurrence. In locations without light pollution, the sky is full of perfectly stellar colors flashing in bright golden hues. This natural sight forms a genuinely awe-inspiring phenomenon.

For the best Northern Lights experience, join a local-led tour to find prime viewing spots. Remember to bundle up as you pack your hot drinks. Also, be prepared for unexpected weather changes. The fact that you will either see or not see the aurora borealis aside, the journey to the Arctic and witnessing the celestial show under cover of the night sky will remain etched in your memory.


March is different in the European regions. In the north, the final bit of winter is felt, whereas the spring signs in the south are just starting to awaken. Here are some tips for travelers looking to enjoy the European experience in November, which is a hectic month.


Preparing for the changing weather conditions is vital when going to Europe in March. To adjust to the ​fluctuating temperatures,​ take along layers of clothes that can be worn under or removed easily. Pack essentials, like a jacket that works in combination, scarves, comfortable walking shoes, and an umbrella to guard against rain. Choose between trekking the snow-covered mountains of the North or just wandering the flower gardens of the South, but with the proper clothing, you will undoubtedly remain comfortable all the time.


best places to visit in europe in march
Rome, Italy, a historic city

European cities revitalize in March, combining historical touch and splendid vivacity. Randomly wander the cobbled streets and old town areas that are simply magical, taking you back in time and the unique architectural wonders together with the dozens of small coffee shops! It is especially magical to visit capitals like Paris, Rome, and London this time of year, as the cities are much quieter with fewer crowds, and people can gain more from the local life and culture. Whether you are a history, food, or art fanatic, European cities offer assorted treats for everyone to experience in March.


best places to visit in europe in march
Neuschwanstein Castle Bavarian

Especially if you are pressed for time, a day trip from one of the major European cities is an excellent option for those who want to optimize their itinerary. Explore Bavarian castles in Munich and seaside towns near Barcelona for a magical travel experience. There are many ways to explore new places without needing to travel extensively. Explore quaint villages, relax in nature near cities, and venture into the countryside. These daily trips will help the experience meet your expectations, enriching Europe’s diverse landscapes and cultures.


In brief, March’s Europe-targeted journey has many attractive features for every type of traveler. Traveling across the continent during this time is ideal as the great weather, diverse experiences, and cultural events provide great adventures without the crowd. Whether looking for a lively city, beautiful countryside views, or historical sights, March in Europe has a bit for everyone. Therefore, let’s gather our things, be excited about the endeavor, and prepare for the most fantastic time of your lives in this fascinating continent.

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