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Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Is it you and your lover wanting to have a romantic trip? Greece is a top romantic destination for couples, perfect for holidays and honeymoons. Santorini’s sunset and Athens’ colors create dreamy memories for pairs needing an escape. In this post, we will focus on the most fantastic places couples should visit in Greece because of the experiences and romantic atmosphere that have made it the dream destination of everyone in love worldwide.

Romantic Greek Islands

Greece has many romantic holiday spots, including the Greek islands. The Greek islands range from enchanting sunsets to fantastic beaches. That is why they are the ideal location for couples to escape into a romantic and unfamiliar world. Here, a couple will discover the most charming Greek islands perfect for a romantic adventure.


Santorini’s iconic white buildings with a caldera offer a romantic setting. The island’s beauty lies in the cozy villages, exquisite sunsets, and superb resorts that make an excellent backdrop for honeymooners. Couples can indulge fully in the uniqueness and romance of Santorini, whether they luxuriate on the black sand beaches of Caldera or walk around the picturesque stone streets of Oia.


Mykonos was once a symbol of wild nightlife and cosmopolitan character, but at the same time, it was a spot of peace and quiet for lovers. The town’s old-world charms, the graceful windmills, and the canals of sparkling water create the ideal atmosphere for lovey-dovey fun. Couples can enjoy strolling in Little Venice, savoring fresh seafood by the waterfront, and sunbathing on Mykonos’ great beaches.


Crete, the largest island in Greece, harmonizes the magnificent nature, vivid history, and gracious hospitality of its people. Thus, the island becomes the best alternative for the vacation of all couples. Crete offers diverse experiences like Samaria Gorge and Knossos for tourists and their loved ones. The island boasts the most tempting beaches, dreamy villages, and excellent food. They also provide a place for couples to escape from the daily routine and enjoy their tranquility on the island.

These romantic Greek isles call on couples to feel the spell of Greece’s picture-perfect settings, and here, they have the opportunity of fabricating memories to last a lifetime in the most breathtaking destinations in the world.

Charming Mainland Greece

There is no mountain to surpass when it comes to Greece and its magic. The mainland provides a variety of handsome destinations that would be perfect for couples who desire an unforgettable romantic vacation. From the intriguing history of Athens to the monasteries atop the rocks at Meteora and the magnetic charm of Nafplio. Mainland Greece has an abundance of romantic moments for vacation.


Athens boasts of a unique, thriving modern culture on being Greece’s capital. Around the old Plaka neighborhood, the neoclassical architecture and cozy boutiques and tavernas are the couple’s options for wandering. Stopping by the famous Acropolis, which exhibits magnificent ruined temples and breathtaking city views, is a must-do for any couple exploring Athens.


Meteora, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, is comprised of awe-invoking rock peaks that boast of monasteries built in ancient times. The extraterrestrial atmosphere of the unusual landscape creates a mood of romantic solitude that is ideal for loving couples who would like to revel in the magnificence of nature. The only place for couples who wish to have the most amazing and extraordinary experience is Meteora, whether they go hiking among the rock pillars or visit the monasteries.


Situated on the shore of the Argolic Gulf lies the quaint town of Nafplio. It is full of romantic nooks and crannies with picturesque cobblestone streets, attractive boutiques, and scenic waterfront promenades. Pairs get acquainted with the magnificent Palamidi Fortress, spend romantic moments at the harbor, and taste the local cuisine in the waterfront cafes. Couples can experience the heady mixture of history, culture, and seaside atmosphere in Nafplio, Greece.

Often, couples are looking for an aesthetic, romantic destination to explore. No matter if it’s exploring ancient ruins of the past, indulging in romantic dining experiences, or simply just admiring the breathtaking scenery that mainland Greece has to offer, there are many attractive spots all around for lovers to create a fairy-tale like experience together.

Island Hopping Adventure

Leap to an island-hopping ultimate vacation destination for most couples in Greece is a dream for many romantic couples. The Greek islands with their sun-dappled beaches, water transparent like crystal, and admirable villages, give you the perfect background for a vacation you will never forget. Get ready for a tour of the three island clusters that should be at the top of your island-hopping list.

Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades, which include the world famous Santorini and Mykonos, are now the most popular destinations for getting a real Greek island experience. The famous blue domes on whitewashed buildings, the gorgeous sunsets, and the vibrant life at night are typical of the coastal islands. For ultimate relaxation, choose Santorini. Stunning caldera views and romantic cliffside vibes await. Mykonos is different as it presents an energetic ambiance, boasting Michelin grade dining and dazzling beaches, perfect for lovers seeking relaxation and thrills.

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands, which are situated in the Ionian Sea off the western coastline of the Greek mainland, offer picturesque landscapes with abundant vegetation and clean beaches. Corfu ranks first among all the other popular destinations for couples, as it offers its visitors the Venetian architectural style, as well as a chance to explore its picturesque coastline and charming towns. For couples in search of a more secluded and peaceful getaway, Paxos with its stunningly clear water and quaint villages offers a magical location that is perfect for lovers of tranquility and nature.

Dodecanese Islands

The Dodecanese Islands, located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, are a fusion of many things, such as history, beauty, and traditional Greek life. Rhodes, the largest of Dodecanese islands, is famous for its Old Town, ruins of ancient ages, and rich culture. The locals invited couples to explore the military and naval sites, do water sports, and taste the island’s dishes. An undiscovered paradise is Symi Island, a getaway for a relaxing and romantic time with its pastel colored houses and slow pace.

Culinary and Cultural Delights

Couples who travel to Greece cannot miss a chance to taste the food and cultural aspects. The voyage’s menu includes the best of traditional Greek cuisine, visits to quaint villages, and significant historical sites, accompanied by an incredible culinary blend of history and flavor.

Traditional Greek Cuisine

Treat yourself to the variety and richness of authentic Greek gastronomy, known for its use of fresh and the best possible ingredients eaten nearby. The legendary moussaka and souvlaki, delicious baklava, and tarty-tasty tzatziki are only a few representatives of the gastronomic culture. Discover the best local traditional food by visiting tavernas and old-style family restaurants, and have a delicious meal with the traditional recipes passed down for generations.

Picturesque Villages and Old Towns

Wander across the amazing villages and ancient cities, which are nestled in many Greek islands and the mainland. Explore the old town’s charming cobblestone paths lined with whitewashed buildings and vibrant geraniums for a romantic experience. Discover hidden spots for local delicacies in charming old settings with a unique atmosphere.

Archaeological Sites and Ancient Ruins

Take a journey to unveil the past of Greece through its breathtaking archaeological sites and classic ruins. Greece’s Acropolis and Delphi showcase ancient civilizations in a living museum. Explore ancient ruins for an adventurous trip filled with enchanting tales and vivid imagination.

Visiting Greece with your partner means enjoying Greek food and historical sites and creating lovely memories.

Luxury Accommodations and Resorts

Couples seeking luxury stays in Greece have endless options to match different tastes. Whether you are a fan of secreted villas or glamorous beachfront hotels, Greece has a perfect selection to create the most romantic and memorable stay.

Inclusive Resorts

Besides exclusive resorts on the Greek islands, the place is a perfect getaway for a laid back vacation. For those who have planned trips to Greek islands like Santorini and Mykonos, these resorts offer all-inclusive packages with private beaches, top quality Greek food and drinks, wellness treatments, and water sports activities. Each resort provides privacy and top-notch service for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Exclusive Honeymoon Retreats

Greece can compete with other countries in attracting couples who seek exclusive and romantic places to stay. These luxury retreats offer unlimited exclusivity from the top suites because they offer countless honeymoon-specific accommodation types. Overlooking the Azure Aegean seas to the elegant villas buried in the characteristic small villages. One can find many of these properties on the Greek Isles. Thus, prepare for a magical moment with your partner in the blooming outdoors.

Romantic Activities and Water Sports

Couples who are thrill-seekers and appreciate a romantic atmosphere would appreciate all the Grandmama has to offer. Whether you’re strolling in the picturesque villages or taking breathtaking water adventures, you’ll discover your dream vacation in Greece.

Romantic Things to Do

Enjoy the dream of romance with a sunset dinner offering the most stunning view of the caldera in Santorini. The island’s stunning scenery and original look create an ideal atmosphere for a perfect evening alone. Moreover, a romantic stroll through Athens’ old town feels like a journey back in time for couples.

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia is an exciting choice with its blue waters and bold cliffs. This spot is perfect for a calm beach day or a lovely sunset picnic. Traveling around the Greek islands on a private boat will be an excellent choice for those couples who like to find the hidden paradises and beaches where they are all alone and be one of the few who spend their time there.

Water Sports and Beach Activities

Greece is known for its intense love atmosphere, and it also offers an engaging mission of heartbeats and beach sports. Come face-to-face with the aquatic world while doing extreme sports like snorkeling in the Aegean Sea amidst the undeniably crystal-clear waters and the diversity of marine life. If you prefer a more action-packed experience on the sun-soaked beaches of the Greek islands, go windsurfing or jet-skiing.

Additionally, partners may enjoy getting a tandem kayaking adventure, which will be a great memory of your beautiful coastline coupled with a thrill. The choices of water sports, from paddleboarding to parasailing above the shining waters of Greece, are never short. These exercises will thrill your adventurous sides and bring you and your loved one closer.


Greece offers an irresistible combination of indulgence, history, and nature for couples, creating an unforgettable and harmonious ambiance throughout. From the idyllic sunsets of Santorini to the ancient glamorous of Athens, the country abounds in romantic settings. Whether diving into the history that embraces every cobblestone street on Hydra or eating pure heaven while overlooking the Aegean Sea. Relaxing at a private villa in Crete, Greece is perfect for love and romance. The blending of mythical scenery and modern pleasure connects the ideal environment for couples seeking a romantic outside. As an ever-lasting place for love, Greece is the world’s best resort for honeymooners.

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