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Best Places to Visit in Romania

Romania is a captivating destination with its charming landscapes, unique culture, and incredible experiences. From the awe-inspiring Carpathian Mountains to the enchanting medieval castles, it’s a top attraction for adventure seekers.

Embrace the Countryside

Immerse yourself in Romania’s fantastic countryside atmosphere as you hike through lush green meadows and ancient villages untouched by modern times. The locals’ warmth and genuine hospitality, deeply rooted in their traditions, will leave you speechless and give you a glimpse into a different world.

Transylvania’s Romantic Splendor

Explore charming Transylvania to witness the romantic splendor of Bran Castle, a place deeply connected to the Dracula myth. This area reveals glimpses of Romania’s history, rich in enigmas. The blend of myths and history in the country’s north will take you to a place where myth and fact intertwine.

Timeless Beauty in Sibiu and Sighisoara

Strolling along the winding streets of Sibiu and the colorful facades of Sighisoara will transport you to a realm where your mind travels back in time, and your heart beats with modernity. Romania embraces contrasts, where traditional artifacts and customs coexist peacefully with contemporary life, creating a familiar yet unique world.

Discover Hidden Gems

Take a journey to discover Romania’s best-hidden gems and uncover the unknown treasures that make this Eastern European nation a top destination for adventurous travelers. Appreciate the sanctity of its unspoiled natural beauty, understand its enduring history, and immerse yourself in the colorful tapestry of its complex culture. Romania awaits your curiosity to reveal its secrets.

Unique Places to Visit in Romania

Romania, a country that tightly combines history and natural wonder, will soon introduce an unlimited array of unique locations to be discovered. Romania is not just about perfect medieval towns and spectacular landscapes; this country can offer every traveler an opportunity to be a true explorer.


Plunge into the magical tranquil Maramures, where time defies to go onward and effortlessly languishes among rolling hills and natural villages. Maramures has preserved a group of wooden churches that still belong to the UNESCO heritage and have been decorated precisely back in the day. Leave your product within the cultural context by engaging with the local artisans and walking for leisure through the calm landscapes, for this fascinating area is highly recognized.

Best Places to Visit in Romania

Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a vast natural treasure—the river mixing with the Black Sea is a must-see phenomenon. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the delta is covered by an astounding variety of fauna and flora that delight and delight nature lovers and ornithologists. Uniquely challenge yourself and discover the unspoiled scenery of this place while going down the many crooked channels on a traditional boat where numerous animals live.


The feel-like town of Sibiu, well known for its beautiful medieval look and vivid ambient, invites you to an authentic fairytale. Since Sibiu has been the European Capital of Culture for the past few years, it is a place where history has intermingled with modern times to create streets consisting of cobblestones and beautiful old buildings that are lined up colorfully. Whether it is the marketplace aerated with people’s breath, the public squares with people having fun at cultural events, or the cafe being a centerpiece of this fantastic place, it is all about Transylvania.

Best Places to Visit in Romania in Winter

Romania chooses to turn itself into a winter fairytale where slumbering snow lands, transforming everything into a beautiful enchanted wonderland in a white magical place. We will cut to the chase and address two mesmerizing gems that screw around during the winter.

Bran Castle

Unclasp your adventurousness at Bran Castle, in the mists of weird myths and legends, mainly associated with Dracula, who appeared in the lore. The see-through spires and the swirling mist amidst the old-style building of Bran Castle in winter are exciting, with snowflakes frozen on the turrets. “Castle” is accompanied by a harmonious melody. At the same time, the song’s first lines depict the visitors being attracted to the castle’s charm and discovering the dark corridors of the Middle Ages, when the history of the castle was telling its story in the cold winter air.

Poiana Brasov

Nestled amidst the Carpathian Mountains, Poiana Brasov is a premier ski resort beckoning winter enthusiasts with its powder-covered slopes and panoramic views. The resort boasts a picturesque setting, where thrill-seekers can carve through snow-laden landscapes while beginners can take ski lessons against a backdrop of pine forests cloaked in white. Embark on a snow-filled escapade, partaking in snowboarding, sledding, or simply basking in the serene beauty of Poiana Brasov.

Best Places to Visit in Romania
Photo by Nikola Nemeš

Top 10 Must-Visit Places in Romania

The world seems to fall under Romania’s spell of captivating natural beauty and intriguing history, with the landscape offering many sites to discover. Visiting the site of The Carpathian Mountains, Like Peles Castle, is surely the one thing you should do before leaving Romania.

Peles Castle:

Romania, the crown of the jeweled country, Peles Castle in Sinaia, is a masterpiece imagined for a fairytale story, elegance, and nobility. Within the majestic mountains of the Carpathians, the gorgeous palace shines through with ornaments, a palette of colors, frescos, and gardens that take visitors back to the past days. To travel in its rich rooms, with ornamental furniture and the surroundings which make up lobs like a golden thread into Romania’s former royal heritage.

Best Places to Visit in Romania

Transfagarasan Highway:

A trip on the Transfaganasan Road is a must-do for thrill-lovers and eco-tourists. It is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Terrifically for its incredible mountain, which follows it and the Soviet Union, this legendary road tortures travelers with marvelous images and natural beauty around every turn. No matter which one you take, the Transfagarasan will make your blood boil with adrenaline or give you a feast for your eyes simultaneously. Those who seek enjoyment and beauty in Romania will see the beauty of the Transfagarasan.

Places to Visit in Romania – Bucharest

The impressive capital of Romania, Bucharest, is a multifaceted city combining 19th-century attractions with its 21st-century style. To provide you with a feel of local culture, we will visit some must-see sites in this city that are rich in history.

1. Palace of the Parliament

Best Places to Visit in Romania

The Palace of the Parliament is one of the most memorable symbols of Bucharest’s architecture, not only due to its vast size but also thanks to its imposing architecture. Take a guided tour that will reveal the luxurious decor and allow you to enjoy the incredible story that this building has to offer.

2. Old Town (Centrul Vechi)

This is the central part of the city, inhabited as early as the 16th century and filled with mostly residential and commercial buildings. The whole area is enclosed in defensive walls, currently mostly used for pedestrian and cycling access.

Bucharest’s Old Town is a marvelously alluring area comprising dark cobblestone roads, ancient edifices, cozy bistros, and vibrantly alive bars. Take a walk through this alley to find street art in all shades of colors, traditional local food, and a lively nightlife full of life.

3. Herastrau Park

Parcul Huasterau is a calm place centrally located in Bucharest. It has lots of greenery, quiet lakes, and available activities. During summer, rent a boat to paddle on the lake, have a picnic under the trees, or visit the nearby Village Museum. The park has a museum.

4. Romanian Athenaeum

‘The Romanian Athenaeum’ is a great concert hall appreciated for its outstanding acoustics and neoclassic structure. It is a worthwhile destination. You can go to a classical concert or tour a magnificent collection of frescoes and sculptures.

5. Cotroceni Palace

Cotroceni Palace, the President of Romania’s official residence, is the site to learn about the European history of Romania and enjoy walking through the scenic gardens and exploring the OK rooms of this historic place. The palace is the sizzling of the Romanian royal past and a great display of the country’s political heritage.

Feel the unique canvas of Bucharest, enjoy the local architectural miracles and tranquil parks, and blend the old with the new in a mysterious panel of culture and history.

Hidden Beautiful Places in Romania

Romania is not just about Pisa-like buildings, accessible picnic areas, and beautiful old quarters. Hidden gems are out there yet to be discovered. Less frequented places represent a genuine and memorable environment for a voyageur willing to seek the unusual things in Romanian territory.

Retezat National Park

Retezat National Park is hidden in the Carpathian Mountains and is reputed for its azure water glacial lakes, green-ecological forests, and towering peaks. It is an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts, providing hiking activities, wildlife sightings, and camping. Nature lovers seeking a place of solitude away from a crowd should make the stunning park a must-visit because there is a pristine beauty.

Danube Delta

The birdwatching area and nature lovers’ paradise known as the UNESCO-Managing Danube Delta is a precious and wonderful site. The forgotten place hides twisting waters, marshes, and ponds. Explore to find unique plants and animals. Embark on a boat trip to admire stunning sunsets and get a chance to be part of this amazing environment that is so uniquely attractive.

Balea Lake

Balea Lake is nestled in the Fagaras Mountains at 2,034 meters. It’s a hidden gem along the famous Transfagarasan Highway, known for its stunning views and winding roads. In winter, the lake functions as a magic haven for skiers and photography specialists. The tranquil winter setting, framed by the stellar snow-capped peaks of the region’s mountains, will be the perfect place to spend a wonderful moment.

Turda Gorge

Speaking of impressive natural sites, Turda Gorge (Cheile Turzii) has limestone formations, caves, and gorges that make part of the natural reserve. Trek the well-defined trails; who knows will be hidden in there are waterfalls, rock formations, and different faunae.

The gorge is a thrilling spot for climbers and adventure seekers of all ages. It’s perfect for an adrenaline escape to nature.
It’s a heaven on earth for those seeking an exciting outdoor experience.

Discover the country’s hidden gifts. Treasure travels to these hidden gems, brimming with abundant nature experiences that leave lasting memories. Touch the soul of Romania off the beaten tracks and craft stories that will stay forever. Romania blessed with hidden gems and a rich history that will forever stay in your memory.

Top 10 Romania’s Best Places to Visit

Romania is characterized by many natural landscapes containing centuries-old monuments that attract tourists from all over the world. The country is a paradise for generous nature and travelers who seek adventures. I have short fairytale towns, beautiful canyons, rapid lakes, and waterfalls. Now, let’s get started with a list of the top 20 places you should not miss in this beautiful country.

1. Bran Castle

Discover Bran Castle, famously linked to the legendary Dracula. Explore this iconic site and uncover its enigmatic history. This grand fortress catches the breeze of charming views. It transports you back to the medieval era.

2. Peles Castle

Explore Peles Castle, a fairytale replica nestled in the Carpathian Mountains. Embark on a royal quest or experience the Neo-renaissance charm within its walls. Be impressed by its beautiful design lines and elaborate landscaping.

3. Transfagarasan Highway

Traveling the Transfagarasan Highway feels like a thrilling journey through mountain tunnels and valleys. The road is famous worldwide for its scenic views. However, the views of the Fagaras Mountains make your road adventurous.

4. Turda Salt Mine

Head to the Turda Salt Mine for underground wonders like lit lakes, unique salt formations, and an amusement park. Explore this incredible place and have a blast!

5. Sibiu

Feel yourself a part of the natural medieval history of Sibiu with perfect-condition historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and animated squares. If you like stories, you shouldn’t skip the Bridge of Lies, a mystical local story.

6. Sighisoara

Walk into the fairytale land of Sighosoara, recognized as once a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its old fortified settlement, colorful buildings, and fascinating tales will wrap you around.

7. Danube Delta

Sniff into the Danube Delta’s biodiversity, old and young wildlife fanatics, and a birdwatchers’ paradise. Glide through Her serpenting water waves and experience this world’s authenticity.

8. Biertan Fortified Church

To stimulate your soul, take a trip to the Biertan Fortress Church, an architectural wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gaze in awe of its exquisite crafting and the stories behind it that are so uniquely your own.

9. Balea Lake

Watch the indescribable beauty of the Balea Lake, a glacial lake in the Fagaras Mountains. Whether you are looking forward to collecting snow in the winter or hiking trails in the summer, you are going to feel captivated by the observation of the scenery.

10. Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

Be undoubtedly inspired by the vibrant artworks at the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina. Thus, these UNESCO sites reflect ancient history with brilliant frescoes. Have you finished exploring Romania’s amazing destinations? If so, pack your bags for the next enticing Romanian lands!

Places in Romania to Live

Looking for a place to live in Romania? You’ll discover charming options in the country, city, or somewhere in between. From high-energy city living to serene rural towns, you’ll no doubt find whatever lifestyle you prefer. Check out these top spots in Romania for your next home. Explore these fantastic options for your new residence.

Bustling Bucharest

Thus, see the bustling capital city of Bucharest, full of hidden treasures from the past mixed with artifacts of modern convenience. Bucharest buzzes with a vibrant city vibe, from cultural landmarks to coffee bars and markets. It’s a lively city undeniably full of energy.

Enchanting Brasov

Situated in the Carpathians, Brasov draws passers-by with its adorable old town on the hillsides. Take to the medieval Old Town, the Black Church, and wonderful nature outside of the city, inside and outside.

Serene Sibiu

Discover medieval Sibiu, a town with ancient architecture and in addition a peaceful vibe. Immerse in its tranquil atmosphere. As you walk on the stone-paved streets and admire the colorful houses, you’ll be drawn into the city’s enchanting past. It might even make you want to stay longer.

Coastal Constanta

Additionally for sea lovers, Constanta offers a genuinely coastal lifestyle experience. Soak up gentle sands, beautiful promenades, and a charismatic port town feel, just like in the south of France.

Additionally, Romania offers city apartments for the adventurous or countryside peace-seekers. Find your home sweet home with us! Besides the distinctive regional varieties of charms and lifestyles, each community suits you as a resident in the multi-faceted country.


Although the magical places in Romania may vary in their forms, it is evident now that this mystical place has many exciting and unusual things to give travelers who explore them. If you like medieval charm, check out Transylvanian Country. Romania also offers stunning Carpathian Mountain views. Bucharest has a vibrant culture. It’s also a must-visit for tourists.

Moreover, explore the enchanting castles and timeless countryside of this country. Furthermore, your visit will be an unforgettable experience. Each temple here shares its history, present, and future insights for visitors to explore. You can certainly discover new things and learn along the way.

When exploring Romania, remember its natural charm isn’t just in monuments but also in the welcoming people and rich traditions. Keep in mind the friendly locals and vibrant traditions as you uncover Romania’s best spots. Explore the nation’s customs, enjoy traditional cuisine, and be enchanted by captivating scenery. Immerse yourself in the experience. Allow the soul-stirring scenes to captivate you during your walk through the enchanting domain.

Settle your gaze on the numerous natural wonders hidden in Romania’s recesses and become a part of its distinct landmarks. This will lead you down an adventure full of important memories of this amazing land and even beyond. Bring your bags, begin a journey beyond your imagination, and let Romania show you her beauty and charm. Just make sure to set out to explore, experience, and be with its beauties and wonders.

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